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Even if you think that your tires were purchased at the same time, it is always standard practice to rotate your tires periodically to ensure balanced traction and for very good reasons.
No matter how much your wheels are balanced or aligned for your cars, it is always important to be able to rotate tires periodically to avoid having weak sports in your tires and allow it also tires that are used thoroughly.
Cars are nor weighted equally
This is one of the primary reasons why you should rotate your tires. Cars do not have the same weight on the front past as the rear part. Front drive vehicles of the have a heavier weight up front because that is where the engines are commonly found.
The weight of the engine together with the turning action of the wheel and the stress that tires endure during turns and stops. This increases the stress that is applied to the front tires.
Replacing it with tires from the rear end and placing it in front as part of the rotation process helps the tires reduce the stress and allow your tires to be wear out in a balanced manner.
It helps even tire wear
This helps you extend the time that you have your tires in your used in your car. It allows you to provide even wear all throughout.
Tire rotation need to be done alternately and at certain periods. First rotation would involve crisscrossing the transition of the tire. The left front switched with the right back and the left back rotated with the right front.
If you have a spare tire, also make sure to use it once in a while and for you to always check tire pressure to help you feel confident having a good piece of spare tire that can serve its purpose anytime.
Certain automobile brands may require rotation schedules
There are also high-end automobile brands that specify the use of specific tire measurements for certain car models, as well as the usual terrain that the car is usually travelling on. There are tire brands with specified traction designs for asphalt or concrete roads.
There are tire specifications that also provide specific surface contact to maximize tire to road contact. These tires may be rotated depending on the mileage and usage.
Care for tires
Aside from tire rotation, taking proper caution and ensuring the condition of your tires will not only allow you to use it for longer periods, but also allows you to check for any possible weak spots.
Always remember that the part of the tire that comes in contact with the pavement are the areas that are subjected to the most stress not just because of the hardness of the concrete pavements, but also the heat and the irregularities of the road structure.
Make sure your tires are always clean from dust and grime, as it can cause the rubber to wear out more easily. Also make sure the tires are properly inflated based on specifications and tire pressure requirements.

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